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Tetracycline can be prescribed to treat infections caused by bacteria. One of this medicine's side effects is increased sensitivity to sunlight. Avoid being exposed to direct natural or artificial sunlight, or wear protective clothing and sunscreen if you have to stay outside for long periods of time. If you are also taking multivitamins, antacids, laxatives, iron or calcium supplements 2 hours should pass between a dose of one of these drugs and tetracycline. Tetracycline can also pass into breast milk causing abnormalities in bone and tooth development of the baby and affecting its growth. This medicine should not be used for children younger than 8.

In case you are allergic to tetracycline or similar medicines, such as demeclocycline, doxycycline, minocycline, it's not recommended to take this drug. Talk to your doctor about an alternative method to avoid the symptoms of an allergic reaction. This medicine is FDA pregnancy category D, which means it is known to cause defects in an unborn baby. One of the effects is permanent teeth discoloration. Do not start taking this medicine without talking to your doctor if you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant.

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